Figmentally invites you to dive into the world of a curious writer whose uncontrollable imagination overtakes her story. Brought to life through HILARIOUS theatrical CIRCUS: part MAGIC, unexpected PUPPETRY, artistic JUGGLING, and acrobatic DANCE. Awarded BEST of FRINGE ★ MOST BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTION ★ BEST of VENUE ★ MOST UNIQUE ★ MOST FRINGEY


“Prepare to be dazzled and delighted by wild, circus-inspired imagination.” (Georgia Straight)


“This is what Fringe is all about. It’s dance. It’s comedy. It’s theatre. It’s mime. It’s love. It’s pure joy. It’s triumphant. It’s FIGMENTALLY!” (Paul Micsan)


“The grace, beauty, strength, subtlety and expertise of these two lovable artists is clearly a result of dedicated practice, and immense talent.” (Dinah Smith)

Figment proudly presents

A Sorted Affair: Bureaucratic Adventure


A cataclysmic mistake at The Bureau of Sorted Affairs unleashes disaster & wrinkles in reality. Join a theatrical journey of mime, dance, circus, acrobatics, juggling, and magic, as a new hire in the Department of Good—or are you Bad?


Voted “Most Beautiful Production at the Zootown Fringe Festival.

“Amazing and refreshing, they keep the audience engaged and enthralled with their comedic shenanigans.This comedic gem is a whimsical romp through the red tape of bureaucracy”. – Indie Voice Blog

“Most Beautiful Production” – Zootown Fringe Festival

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Figment is Circus. Dance. Mime. Physical Comedy and clown. Juggling, puppetry, and acrobatics. But mostly, Figment is imagination in action, a dream on a ship in the ocean of your mind. Figment is Drea Lusion and Eric Parthum.

You are invited to contact us for any inquiries at [email protected]